Male Chastity


Orgasm denial is often a prelude to male chastity. There is no greater feeling of submission to a woman than having your sex, your manhood, your masculinity and your virility, tamed, locked up and put completely under her control and whims.

Let’s face it, when she locks the device and puts the key around her neck or on her bracelet, she owns you…. and you are completely at her command.

There are many forms of male chastity devices available (you can see some here), but the ultimate aim is to lock away the man’s sex organ in a way that he cannot achieve orgasm on his own. Some devices confine the penis so that the man cannot achieve erection, and some have impale the urethra.

As previously mentioned, along with sexual humiliation, orgasm denial is one of the most powerful tool in a female led relationship. It gives the woman complete control of her man’s sexual life and makes him dependent on her for it. When a woman uses a male chastity device on a man his  manhood becomes hers.

2 thoughts on “Male Chastity

  1. One of the great of pleasures is having my man-hood taken a bit at a time. I love the humiliation of her watching me suck her cock and her saying to me “you like sucking my cock. Don’t you bitch?” I feel the air in my lungs suddenly escape and I gasp…

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